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A combination of water shortages, and too much water in the wrong places has made the task of watering plants onerous and labour intensive. We offer a bowsering and watering service, straight to your business. Our bowsers are bringing essential water to business parks all over Oxford, Oxfordshire, and the Thames Valley, providing plants with a source of water when they need it most.

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Please order online using the form above, or if you prefer by phone, talking to one of our bowser team on 01865 842708.

The water we supply is clean water, though it is non potable. It comes from private bore-holes whose proprietors have a licenced entitlement to their supply.

Water Guide Tables

If you don't know how much water you need, please use these tables to help you work out the total volume of water you need.

Water guide in litres for Pots
Number of pots / baskets Hanging basket Small pot Large pot
1 5 lt 5 lt 10 lt
2 10 10 20
3 15 15 30
4 20 20 40
5 25 25 50
6 30 30 60
7 35 35 70
8 40 40 80
9 45 45 90
10 50 50 100
Water guide in litres for trees *
Number of trees Trees upto 5ft Trees upto 10ft
1 10 lt 20 lt
2 20 40
3 30 60
4 40 80
5 50 100
6 60 120
7 70 140
8 80 160
9 90 180
10 100 200

*Larger trees as appropriate

Water guide in litres for flower beds & borders
Square metres of bed Litres of water needed
1 20 lt
2 40
3 60
4 80
5 100
6 120
7 140
8 160
9 180
10 200
For further information
please contact one of
the bowser team on
01865 842708
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Watering by hand might be keeping your groundscare maintenance team too busy to do any other crucial maintenance. If they arenât contracted to do any watering for you then some areas may now be suffering very badly.


Some of our clients have areas that have been newly planted up this spring and now have the task of keeping all their new plants watered. Losses due to lack of water over the summer could be extremely expensive and disappointing for our customers who would normally expect these areas to be established by the Autumn rather than having to re-plant and start again.


Other clients who have recently planted hedges or trees over the winter are now hugely concerned that they will lose all of them. The first summer in the ground is vitally important for the health of the plants for years to come. We can come and give them as much water as they need to help them through the summer.


As a guide, we recommend a weekly soaking for these areas, though the soil type, exposure of site, and type of planting has a huge influence on how often watering is needed.


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